Long term supply agreements from sustainable local sources guarantees uninterrupted  availability

The Natchitoches site for the Biomass Secure Power pellet plant was chosen as a multimodal hub for wood fiber in a region where pulpwood biomass grows at the rate of 15 tonnes/ha/year and where the harvest is currently running at about 60% of the total wood fibre supply. The chosen site has barge access to the  Red River system. The chosen site at Natchitoches has the benefit of a rail link and a road connection. The ability to ship large quantities of material by barge effectively extends the reach of this plant beyond the normal limits imposed by the cost of delivering fibre to a pellet plant.

In coordination the Louisiana Economic Development agency, Biomass Secure Power has developed a robust supply chain based at Natchitoches on the Red River and at Baton Rouge on the Mississippi. Working with our suppliers we are forging long and medium term supply contracts, under rules which will guarantee a stable source of certified sustainable fibre for the lifetime of the plant.

To access areas of the Louisiana forest which are not harvested under IFS rules, land will be leased to Biomass Secure Power under a temporary arrangement with the small holding owner, so that Biomass Secure Power work crews can carry out harvesting tasks. Harvesting will be conducted on this land by Biomass Secure Power work crews under the direction of our forest manager. This work and subsequent silviculture tasks will be completed under the IFS rules to ensure that fiber is certified from a sustainable source.

The new plant is designed to handle and store, poles, logs, coarse chips, fine chips, and saw-mill residuals, including sawdust. Demolition waste and wood fibre contaminated with chemicals will be strictly prohibited from the site.

Phase 1 of the project will concentrate on the processing of the local softwoods. Phase 2 onwards will give us the ability to process hardwood. The site plan envisages a plant with a capacity in excess of 1.6 million tonnes, built in 2 phases, as fibre becomes available.

Working in partnership with our suppliers we will ensure a reliable source of sustainable fiber for the production of EN & I grade industrial wood pellets.