Chain of custody standards to meet or exceed FSC, SFI, and PEFC requirements.

Biomass Secure Power Inc. is an innovative company dedicated to the supply and production of high quality environmentally sustainable  torrified biomass briquettes for general use as a substitute for fossil fuels.

Some national energy policies require power generation companies to set a minimum standard for the quantity of sustainable energy used for generating electrical power. The intent of these systems is to provide a bonus to generators who exceed the minimum standard, paid for by generators who do not. ROCs are digital certificates that contain details of how a unit of electricity was generated and consumed. ROC certificates and electrical units are traded separately.

ROC certificates can only be issued if it can be proved that electrical energy has been produced from a sustainable source. In accordance with these requirements, Biomass Secure Power operates a comprehensive chain of custody system, with real time, online access to data records in accordance with the most stringent ROC requirements.

The system is administered under the Chain of Custody Standard of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) and the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes (PEFC) Annex 4.

The Natchitoches facility will have a comprehensive fiber tracking system that enables us to track the source of all material delivered to the facility. This system begins with an assessment of forestry management practices under FSC rules. From the time that the area to be harvested is selected by the forest manager, to the point at which the wood fiber enters the facility, it is received into a continuous chain of custody. The chain of custody is overseen and certified by an accredited independent party who will issue a certificate confirming that the wood fiber originated from a sustainable source.

istock_000012332766xsmallAll wood fiber on the property will be from certified sustainable sources. Any material delivered to the plant without the required documentation, will be immediately rejected and will not be allowed on the property. Batches of 50,000 tonnes each will be blended at the site to ensure consistent pellet physical properties.

The Natchitoches location has a number of strategic advantages. The site has intermodal connections to a large sub-tropical forest. Fiber growth in the area averages at 15 tonnes/ha. Current fiber growth is running at about 140% of the harvesting demand, providing the plant with a stable source of fiber in the long term.

The site is designed to store 2 batches of 40,000 tonnes each in a dedicated storage building. Briquettes will be transferred from the storage facility to barges ready for transfer to Port of New Orleans, thus completing the chain of custody, from the point of harvest to placement in the hold of the bulk transport.