Plant storage for 20,000t/hr batches.

The Biomass Secure Power pellet plant at Natchitoches is designed with the ability to transfer 20,000 tonnes of torrified biomass briquettes  directly to the port of New Orleans (NOLA) to be transfered to Panamax bulk carriers.

The facility is being designed with approximately 85,000 tonnes of total briquette storage. We will have the ability to control the temperature of the briquette during storage. It will also be possible to set up different areas of storage for different products, retaining the ability to ensure that no mixing of different products can occur.

The storage facility will be designed to initiate disinfection cycles between storage, to take care of any fungal or insect infestation that may occur. Briquette that enter storage will be tested in accordance with the required shipping standard. In the event that any section of the storage heap fails any of the physical tests that material can be quarantined and returned to the plant for rejection or reprocessing depending on the nature of the problem.

The Pipe conveyor is designed to transfer pellets at the rate of about 2,000 t/hr, to a barge loader. The barge loader is a static loader and it will be necessary to reposition the barges in accordance with the loading plan.

Some dust may have formed during the transfer from the storage facility to the vessel. To prevent this dust from entering the hold of the barge, the loader charge chute  is provided with a counter flow air current designed to remove this dust before pellets enter the hold of the vessel. The collected dust is returned to the plant for reprocessing.